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Name:Lew Corcoran, ASP®
Company:Scena Home Staging & Decora Photography
Email: Contact Lew Corcoran, ASP®, Home Stager & Real Estate Photographer (Scena Home Staging & Decora Photography)
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Office:(508) 443-1332
Address:Elmwood, MA, 02337
Description:With years of experience in home staging and real estate photography, I can say with confidence that I'll help you and your agent sell your home for top dollar in the shortest amount of time possible.

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What Sets Me Apart From Other Real Estate Marketers

While I can’t delineate the framework that would bracket the bells and whistles that would set me apart from all the other real estate photographers out there, I can tell you a little about who I am and what I do.

I grew up at a time when a man’s word was his bond. Agreements were made with simple handshakes. And when you made an agreement, you stuck to it come hell or high water.

So I strongly value character, integrity and reputation. But I care far less about my reputation than I do about my character. My character defines who I really am – not my reputation. And I value trustworthiness, responsibility, fairness, and respect – not just from me, but from my clients as well.

Understand that my values are not politically, religiously, or culturally biased. But in order for me to be successful in helping you reach your goals, we do have to be compatible. We have to be able to work together so you can achieve that what you seek to do.

In real estate, time is money. So I expect a commitment from you – a commitment to working with me so I can do my best to help you achieve your goals. I can’t – don’t – and won’t – help everyone. I do not have a problem cutting off a relationship to protect my interests, my values, and my character. And I won’t waste my time in a relationship that is doomed to failure.

I don’t take myself too seriously. I like to have fun. But I do take what I do very seriously. For most people, buying and selling a home is perhaps the largest financial transactions they’ll ever make in their lifetime. And you want your home selling process to go as smoothly and stress- and worry-free as possible. Not only that, but you also want to make as much money from the sale of your home as the market will allow – and in the shortest amount of time possible.

Helping you reach your goal will encompass a multitude of talents, traits and skills on my part. I will do whatever it takes to serve your best interests while adhering to my principles of honesty, decency, and fairness. Added to that will be tons of patience, persistence and compassion as well as dedication to both the real estate profession and to you, my client.

In short, I’m here to help you make your real estate goal a reality. By offering Home Staging, Real Estate Photography, Videos, Virtual Tours, Floor Plans, and Single Property Websites, I’m here to help you sell your home (or listing) for the most money and in the shortest amount of time possible!

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Certified Short Sale Specialist

Accredited Staging Professional (ASP®)

Color Basics Consultant